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When I wrote The Simply Fit Diet, I mentioned in the last chapter
that I planned to hike to the Colorado River and back at the Grand
Canyon in a day.  Since then, I have completed the rim to river to
rim hike
fifty-two times.  I guess hiking at Grand Canyon has
become a bit of a fixation for me.  The reasons are numerous.

First, there is the sheer beauty of the Canyon.  Few places
deserve the description "awesome," but this is one.  Second, the
Grand Canyon represents an enormous slice of
geological time.  
The rocks exposed at the bottom of the Canyon are 2 billion years
old.  The number alone is staggering.  Third, the Grand Canyon is
a special place that attracts people from around the world who are
usually at their best.  Simply observing the crowds and speaking
with the visitors is an activity in itself.  Fourth, hiking the Grand
Canyon is a test of physical fitness.  I am 60 years old and I have
never been an athlete, but I figure it I can make the 16+ mile hike
and 1 mile elevation change in a day hike, I must be doing
something right. And if those reasons are insufficient, finally, as
some pop singer has said, "I don't know why, I just like it."

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